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Windows Applications (1986-present)
Randy Volkening
Randy Volkening, B.S., M.Div., CRLA Certified Tutor
Apr 2018Jun 2018Sperry DrillingDillingXpertOil & GasWPF/C#/MVVM/PRISM
Dec 2017Jan 2018Ameren Electric UtilityRTU Health MonitorEnergyWPF/C#/SQL/GIS/SCADA
Dec 2016Mar 2017SR TechnologiesMission ManagerNational SecurityWPF/C#/MVVM/GIS/WIFI
Aug 2016presentBible SoftwareProgramming TutorialsChristian MinistryWPF/C#/SQL/MVVM/PRISM
Aug 2015Apr 2016OrbitalATKHMI Factory AutomationAerospaceWPF/C#/SQL/MVVM
Apr 2015Jun 2015Microsoft CorporationBing Maps ApplicationGISWPF/C#/SQL/MVVM
Dec 2011Nov 2014Halliburton Energy ServicesFormation ReservoirOil & GasWPF/C#/INSITE/MVVM
Aug 2011Nov 2011Intel CorporationMarking Finished GoodsManufacturingWPF/C#/SQL
Dec 2010Jun 2016Bible SoftwareProgramming TutorialsChristian MinistryWPF/C#/SQL/MVVM
Jan 2004Dec 2009Bible SoftwareProgramming TutorialsChristian MinistryWinForms/C++/SQL
Sep 2003Dec 2003Innovex ManufacturingLaser Processing SystemManufacturingWinForms/VB.NET
Aug 2002May 2004Bible SoftwareWinForms TutorialsChristian MinistryWinForms/VB.NET
Aug 2002May 2004Bible SoftwareWinForms TutorialsChristian MinistryWinForms/C#
Jan 2000Jul 2001The Boeing CompanyPortable Maintenance AidAerospaceWinForms/C++/MFC
Jul 1999Nov 1999Group TechnologiesBattlefield CommunicationsDefenseWinForms/C++/MFC
Mar 1999Jun 1999United Parcel ServiceUPS Online OfficeShippingWinForms/C++/MFC
Feb 1998Apr 1998New York Power AuthorityY2K CertificationEnergyWinForms/C++/MFC
Feb 1998Apr 1998Targeted MultimediaLoad MagazineAdvertisingWinForms/C++/MFC
Dec 1997Jan 1997Marquette MedicalClinical InformationHealthcareWinForms/C++/MFC
Apr 1996Nov 1997United Parcel ServiceUPS Online OfficeShippingWinForms/C++/MFC
Sep 1986Mar 1987Rainbow TechnologiesWind TriangleAviationWin32/C
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Randy Volkening
Western Seminary (Portland, OR)
Multnomah Bible College (Portland, OR)
Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
Volkening Heritage Farm (Schaumburg, IL)
The Tempel Lipizzans (Old Mill Creek, IL)
New Trier High School (Winnetka, IL)
Randy Volkening, B.S., M.Div., CRLA Certified Tutor
Senior Software Developer and Christian Webservant
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